If Your Business is Changing, Your Website Should Change, Too

Where is your business going in 2019? Will your website and other online properties reflect that growth? Or will they still present your company’s capabilities as they used to be?

business goalsIf you company has expanded capabilities, new products or new services, your website and other online platforms need to prominently project that. Otherwise, you’ll miss opportunities when prospective buyers search for what you sell.

Prospects inevitably will review your website as part of their vetting process. If your sales team is talking up capabilities not represented on your website, that’s a disconnect that could hinder the chance of a sale.

Other areas of your website and other online presences should be regularly updated, too. We often see instances of “Latest News” that is years old. Social media accounts often go unattended, and online directories are forgotten – even though they regularly come up in search results with information about your company – information that could be out of date or wrong.

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