Could Your Website’s “About Us” Page Describe Any Company?

How many times have you clicked on an “About Us” page on a website, expecting to learn something about the people and the company but only finding generic language that could be used on any company’s About Us page?

We see that often, and it’s frustrating.

People click on those pages for a reason; why not fulfill their curiosity?

People want to see real information about the company and the people involved in the company, especially if it’s an owner-managed business.

Remember, people buy from people. Think about your own efforts to build relationships with your customers, vendors and business influencers. You can help foster those relationships by being a company that’s run by real people – real people who are presented on your About Us page.

Following are three topics that should be part of an About Us page. How does your company’s About Us page stack up?

Introduce The Management
Who runs the company and what are their backgrounds and interests? Who started the company? How are managers involved in the community and in trade associations and organizations?

State Where You Are
Don?t be afraid to list your geographic location. People don’t really care anymore if you’re in a small town in Wyoming; what they are concerned with is the quality of your products and your service. While they don’t care where you are, they are curious, and might be suspicious if you don’t give a location.

How is the Company Part of the Community?
Does the company support certain charities or civic events? Do employees get paid time to volunteer on community projects?

Take a look at your website’s About Us page; is it really about your company and your people? It should be. 

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