Try These Great Sources of Quality Content for Your Website

Good content – one of the pillars of search engine optimization – is essential for any website that needs to attract attention on a regular basis. That’s true whether the website is an e-commerce site that needs to attract buyers, a website that needs to generate leads for business-to-business sales, or a website that simply serves as a “validator” for a company’s capabilities.

faqBut it’s often a challenge to come up with content that is worthwhile and authoritative. That’s the kind of content that your customers and prospects are looking for, and it’s the kind of content that is essential for effective SEO.

Two often overlooked sources of good content are employees in sales and customer service, and your website’s FAQ page – if you have one.

The sales team should be well versed in what prospects are looking for from your business. They also know the language of the industry or market – how people say things. Use that terminology in your content to help establish your knowledge authority.

Customer service teams are great sources of content ideas, too. They hear from users or buyers, and should know the challenges that customers are having with your product or service, and possibly ideas for innovation and new products or services.

Websites often have FAQ pages that already present those topics, and other knowledge that people are seeking. If you have an FAQ page, look for opportunities to expand the answers into blogs or other content.

Content on FAQ pages is also a great source of material for social media posts. For greater SEO value, make sure you link back to the FAQ page or other source of more content on your website.

There’s a lot more to fully effective SEO, but alluring content is a key pillar. Let us know if you need help with your content; we have more than 30 years of content experience. We also can provide an in-depth review of how well your website is optimized for search engines. Call me at 414-617-6597, email