Digital and Traditional approaches that get the attention you want

Public Relations

public relations planning

Experienced PR

New business? Acquisition? New product or service? New location? Changes in executive leadership or management?

Get valuable visibility for your news via the highly experiences public relations service of PKI Digital Marketing in metro Milwaukee.

Our PR experience is based on 35+ years in communications in Wisconsin, including reporting and editing work in business and general interest newspapers, and leadership in journalism organizations.

Digital Approach

PKI Digital Marketing has mastered the highly effective digital approach to public relations.

Through digital PR, we will position your news and other information directly in front of target audiences, and use the right social media to drive people to the news and information on your website.

Our digital approach complements traditional PR and personal outreach to reporters and editors of the media your audience follows.

We Know What the Media Wants

Based on our many years of reporting and editing work in Milwaukee and elsewhere in Wisconsin, we know what the media wants and how they want to be approached with business news.

It’s not uncommon for reporters or editors to let us know how much they appreciate how we write and present news releases – making their job easier, and making it more likely our press releases will get placed or made part of a larger story.

“You are worth every penny. I’ve never had publicity like this.” – Richard Kessler

Distribution Options

We help determine where your target audience “lives” in the online and print media world, and then focus our PR on those channels.

Tell Your Story

Let your customers, partners and prospects know what’s happening in your business – positioning your company as a vibrant, active player.