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Digital Marketing That Works!

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Proven Results

PKI Digital Marketing has a proven track record of generating positive results by leveraging the digital ecosystem.

Our work supports your communications goals including driving revenue – so all efforts are working in sync.

Our clients regularly experience success with our programs. Our mission is to understand your customers clearly, identify more like them and work the many digital strategies available today to communicate to them directly in a way that fosters transactions.


We use a multi-faceted approach that drives more traffic to your website and that consequently generates more leads.

Our toolbox includes developing a strategic road map unique to your business, content-rich websites, search engine optimization, our proprietary lead generation program, PPC, retargeting, email strategies, newsletter marketing, social media campaigns and other digital strategies.

We only engage the approaches that are right for your goals.

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Supporting Your Goals

Increase the likelihood of achieving your company’s goals through customized digital marketing.

The PKI Tool box:

  • Email marketing
  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Retargeting
  • Landing pages
  • Newsletter development
  • Banner advertising
  • Social 
  • Content marketing
  • List development
  • Target marketing
  • Much more …

With a solid understanding of your direction and where your audience lives online, we’ll craft a digital marketing approach that will directly and powerfully reach those audiences – and that gets them to take action.

Because our approaches laser-target your audiences, you’ll get more bang for your marketing bucks, and will more quickly reach your revenue and brand goals.