PKI Digital’s marketing solutions deliver results to match your company goals. Through strategic planning, digital marketing and content-driven tactics, we efficiently drive your message to your target audiences, increasing traffic to your website your “base camp.” Our work prompts interaction and generates inquiries and leads. Read what our customers say about our work: Testimonials.

Strategic Planning & Messaging

PKI Digital Marketing’s proprietary strategic business and marketing planning process focuses on your company goals and business strategies. We uncover your unique knowledge assets, then customize a plan that applies them to your digital ecosystem. Each customer has a unique story, unique people and voice; we apply our planning process to provide a unique road map to your success. Our planning addresses all the traditional and digital marketing challenges, including the importance of message in the direction of your brand. The planning and subsequent go-to-market strategy will allow you to see tangible results, and ensure that your marketing communications strategies and tactics are in sync with your business goals. Read case studies of some of our work.

Website Development & SEO

Websites developed by PKI Digital Marketing position our clients as leaders in their industries, match their corporate brand promises, and provide a rich user experiences that generate traffic, inquiries and leads. Your new site will present your company as an attractive place to work – helping ease your hiring challenges. Through planning, optimized content – researched and written by PKI, search engine optimization (both on site and off), and social marketing where appropriate, your site will be found by people looking for your products or services. You’ll get a responsive site – allowing users to have the optimal viewing experience no matter whether they are viewing your site on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Your new site also can incorporate business tools that your customers, dealers and business partners will value – including e-commerce and dealer and sales representative support sections. See sites we’ve developed.

We are SEO experts, regularly achieving Page 1 results for search terms important to our clients. (Get a no-cost SEO audit.) We have a multi-focused approach – making sure your website’s structure meets SEO “best practices,” making sure your content is authoritative and properly positioned on your site, and making sure your company’s online presence beyond your website is optimized. Our SEO work has been nationally praised, while our customers praise the leads and business they get as a result.

Read more about our Milwaukee SEO Agency services.

Content Development

We’re content experts, with more than 30 years of experience creating great content and positioning content for the most impact and greatest SEO value. We’ll put your industry knowledge to work via content for your website, blog, communications campaign, marketing materials, email newsletters and social media, as well as other online channels, ensuring your message is in sync across your digital footprint. Need quick ideas for great content? Try these sources.

Strategic Creative & Brand Development

The difference between impactful creative and production design work often is the strategic element embedded in the design. PKI Digital Marketing’s creative team has the experience to ensure integrated strategic design in all elements of your marketing initiatives. We listen to our clients and take time to understand their customers, then create visual elements that effectively attract, are memorable and clearly communicate your strategic advantages – powerfully supporting your brand

PKI Digital Marketing’s brand development work considers your message, voice, channels, integration strategies and the impact you require in a brand strategy. Strong brands should be designed to immediately and clearly communicate your message, while emitting an emotional response that drives brand loyalty. Your business has a unique personality and your brand should represent that. PKI’s creative team will ensure that your brand will be easy to recall, recognizable and preferred. See examples of our brand and creative work.

Digital PR and Social Media

Gain valuable visibility across the internet via strategic digital public relations. We’ll position your news and other information directly in front of target audiences, and use the right social media to drive people to the news and information on your website. Our PR experience is based on 30+ years in communications, including work in business and general interest newspapers. We can help you select social media platforms that are appropriate for your market, then create and maintain those accounts.

Lead Generation & Internet Marketing

PKI Digital Marketing has a proven track record of generating results by leveraging the digital ecosystem. We do that through increased traffic to content-rich websites, our proprietary lead generation program, PPC campaigns, email strategies, newsletter marketing, re-marketing, highly optimized content marketing strategies, social media campaigns and other digital strategies – all executed to capture inquiries and leads. Our clients regularly experience success with our programs. Our mission is to understand your customers clearly, identify more like them and work the many digital strategies available today to communicate to them directly in a way that fosters transactions.

Analytics & Metrics

PKI Digital Marketing keeps your marketing on track by monitoring the performance of your digital marketing, and adjusting to give you the most impact. We provide understandable metrics, so you clearly see how your marketing campaigns are doing.

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