National SEO Expert Praises PKI Digital’s Work

PKI Digital Marketing’s customers appreciate how our search engine optimization work gets them noticed online and helps drive leads. A nationally recognized SEO expert has noticed, as well, praising our results.

SEO successIn a tweet, SEO expert Rand Fishkin called attention to a search result “featured snippet” that showed a result based on the SEO work of PKI Digital Marketing.

Fishkin had searched Google for “best whiteboards” and was served results that included a top-of-page “featured snippet” about whiteboard dry erase surfaces.
The snippet was referring to content at the EVERWhite Whiteboards website ? content written and SEO’d by PKI Digital Marketing. (The top search result immediately following the featured snippet also referred to an EVERWhite website page.)

“I rarely see featured snippets that are directly commercial and promote a single brand,” Fishkin tweeted. “But it IS possible. Nice work, @EverWhiteBoards!”

Fishkin is co-founder of the software company Moz, which also provides SEO insights, and now serves in an advisory role to Moz. He is on Twitter at @randfish.

PKI Digital Marketing engages SEO best practices promoted by Fishkin and others at Moz and elsewhere. Those practices regularly place our customers among Page 1 results for desired keywords, even in highly competitive situations against major corporations.

Our SEO strategy for EverWhite includes many approaches, but strong and well positioned content is paramount. As Fishkin pointed out, a good content strategy pays off.

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