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SEO – Is Your Website Optimized for the Words Your Target Audience Uses?

We often hear business owners or managers say their websites are getting all the visibility they can, because when you search for the company name, their websites appear on Page 1.

That Page 1 positioning should be a given, although we?ve seen plenty of cases where a website is so bad that it doesn’t even show up on Page 1 of results for a search using its name.

But what about all the people who don’t know your name, but who are searching for whatever products or services you sell? If your site isn’t appearing, you’re missing opportunity. Fortunately, in most cases search result rankings can be improved. But success takes a strategic, dedicated approach.

Going from invisible to a high search result ranking isn’t like turning on a light switch. Your site has to earn the placement. There are hundreds of factors that play into the ranking.

Some are factors that involve long-term hard work. Other factors are simple fixes that can have big results.

Sometimes, Page 1 rankings don’t mean much. That’s because few people are using the search term you’ve optimized for, or because you haven’t created an enticing “meta description” about each of your website pages.

There are tools to determine what terms people use to search for a product or service, and that tell the approximate volume of those searches. As an alternative, you can get a good handle on which keywords to use by talking with your sales team. Ask them how customers and prospects describe what you sell. Then make sure your website uses that wording.
As mentioned above, fixing SEO deficiencies on your website won’t instantly move you from invisible to Page 1 in search results. It takes time (sometimes a long time), ongoing website activity and adjustments based on results.

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