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Product Searches Increasingly Focus on Ideas, Inspiration

Product research is an increasingly important focus of website searches. People aren’t just searching for specific products, they’re searching for ideas and inspiration to guide them to products, according to Think with Google.

“Today’s super empowered consumers know they can search anything they need or want online,” Think with Google states in a new infographic about the subject. “But while people are still searching for specific products, they are increasingly turning to search before they’ve even figured out what to buy. Ultimately, they’re looking for ideas and inspiration.”

As examples, Think with Google notes a 55 percent increase in mobile searches for ‘ideas’ over the last two years, and a 135 percent increase in the watching of YouTube videos with “ideas” in the title. (See the infographic.)

People are searching for lists, too, with a 150 percent increase in shopping list searches over the past two years.
While the statistics involve searches of consumer goods, the information suggests that searches in the business-to-business world also include broader searches about solutions and not just specific products.

No matter if your website is consumer focused or business-to-business focused, the Think with Google data clearly points out the need for your website to include “ideas” information, so your pages are among results for such searches. It’s opportunity to produce new content for your website, and topics for related social media posts.