How Productive Was Your Website the Past 24 Hours?

How productive was your website the last 24 hours?
If your website is “just there,” it’s not working hard enough.
Your website should:

  • attract leads on a regular basis if you’re in a business-to-business market
  • attract customers on a regular basis if you target consumers
  • rank high for search terms related to your products or services
  • give prospects solid confidence that your company is worth doing business with

How to See How People Use Your Website

It’s easy to tell how well your website is doing.

First determine how many inquiries come through your website’s contact form or which can be traced to website contact information. If inquiries are few and far between, something is wrong.
Next, use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, and Bing Webmaster Tools. Those tools will let you see:

  • what search terms people use to get to your website,
  • how many of those searches actually click on your site links when the site shows up in search results,
  • what pages are the most popular,
  • how long people stay on your pages,
  • what paths they take when clicking through your website.

You should also use the tools to determine what pages of your website people don’t visit or spend very little time on.

That’s an indication the pages aren’t worth having, or need to be enhanced. Google wants to see activity on your website pages. If you have lots of pages with little activity, it marks your site as having lots of irrelevant content, which hinders search visibility.

Feed Your Website

One of the best ways to keep your site productive is to feed it regularly.

Feed it fresh content. Update existing content – especially on pages you’ve determined have insufficient traffic.

With fresh content, real people and Google see your site and your company as relevant. Thus, Google will rank the site higher and viewers will be more satisfied.

Use your social media accounts to drive people to your website. Along with posts on industry and business activity, splatter in posts on products and services – linking to related product/service pages of your website.

Your website should be a hard-working business tool. If it’s not productive, it’s time for a change.

If you need help determining how productive your website is, contact us for a free website audit.