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New Microsoft Clarity Helps Empower Websites

Website developers, search engine optimizers and many business owners and managers know how Google Analytics provides data that helps keep websites user-friendly. Now Microsoft has a new easy-to-use tool that offers another view of such data – and more to further empower websites.

The new tool, Clarity, provides website user behavioral analysis.

At PKI Digital Marketing, we’re now using Clarity in addition to Google Analytics and other site monitoring and auditing tools.

Along with data on website visits, Clarity provides session recordings and heatmaps. Compared to other heatmaps we’ve used, Clarity does a great job.

According to Microsoft, Clarity, helps website administrators:

  • Make data driven decisions on what works and what does not.
  • See what content works best and where to place it on a page.
  • Identify user behavior and determine when to add required content to your page.
  • Test and publish new ideas on to a web page.
  • Study user clicks and scrutinize the requirements.

We’re looking forward to using the data from Clarity to further keep our customers’ websites user friendly and to strongly support their business goals.