Use These Five Keys for Digital Marketing Success in 2018

digital marketing keysDigital marketing can be incredibly powerful and efficient in reaching your target prospects and current customers and getting them to act. But digital marketing will be fully effective only if you approach it properly – with the right keys.

With the following Five Keys to Success in Digital Marketing, you can make sure your marketing efforts in 2018 are getting the best results and that your investment is well spent.

    1. Strategic Plan – If you want your digital marketing efforts to be successful, take the time to develop a strategic digital marketing plan. Consider what you are trying to accomplish and define what “success” will mean. Then look at market conditions, at the wants and needs of your customers, and at what your competitors are doing. Determine what you can invest, and then plan a strategy to meet your goals.
    2. Digital Marketing Ecosystem – The digital marketing world is a big one, but your audience might not live everywhere. Define where they are online, and focus your attention on those areas. But also consider where potential employees are online; studies have shown that younger people will judge a potential employer partly on the company’s social media presence and activity. Adjust your ecosystem as necessary, as the digital world is constantly evolving.
    3. Content – All your planning and selection of digital marketing tools should focus on projecting your company’s expertise, capabilities and reliability via content. That’s all the words and images on your website, social media platforms, email marketing messages, and content elsewhere online. Your digital marketing strategic plan should help determine what “voice” your content should have, and how your audience prefers to access and receive content.
    4. Integration – Your digital marketing must reflect your existing brand. There might be different formats, but consistency of the brand on those different formats is essential. Develop brand guidelines and enforce them. (Especially watch email signatures, which are frequent touch points with customers and prospects, but which often get created without regard to branding guidelines.)
    5. Mobile Friendly – This might be our final point in this list, but the importance of websites and emails being mobile friendly is by no means minimal. In email marketing, most messages are opened on smartphones. If the message was not designed to be mobile friendly, the impact drops significantly. If the message links to a website that is not mobile friendly, people will get frustrated and leave

With our ‘Quick Start’ strategic planning process, we can test initiatives to make sure you are getting optimal results, and key in on the best digital tools.