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Are All Your Web Pages Drawing Traffic?

Are all the pages on your website drawing traffic? If not, its time to beef up the content on those pages or get rid of them.

Website pages that are rarely visited can have a negative impact on your site’s overall search engine value. They “dilute” strong value of other pages.

Google AnalyticsIt’s easy to determine how much traffic your website pages are getting – presuming you have Google Analytics. Once logged in, on the left panel open up “Behavior,” then “Site Content.” Click on “All Pages.” You’ll see a “Pageviews” column.

The most-viewed page will likely be your home page, which will probably be listed as “/index.” If you have many pages on your site, the easiest way to see the least viewed is by redirecting the down arrow at the top of the Pageviews column. Click the arrow so it points up; the order will switch and you’ll see the least popular pages on your site.

If you have an e-commerce website, cart pages might appear among the least-viewed pages; don?t worry about those.

Note other pages that have little or no traffic. Review those pages for content quality and for proper content positioning regarding search engine optimization. (You might have good content that is poorly optimized for search engines, reducing the visibility of the pages.)

If you can enhance the quality of the content, do so, but review analytics of the enhanced pages for a few months to track whether your changes have an impact.

If the content can’t be improved or is outdated, delete those pages.

Consider setting up page redirects for deleted pages, especially if you believe there are links to those pages elsewhere on the web. Redirect the deleted page URLs to relevant active pages on your site, or to the home page.

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