Is Your Website Hurting Your Company’s Hiring Initiatives?

Having trouble finding employees? Maybe they’ve found you but dismissed you as a place they want to work. Your website and social media activity might be turning them off.

now hiringYes, it’s true, younger people increasingly are judging prospective employers based on their online presence. They especially want to see how companies are involved in the community, or how they support employees who want to volunteer for various causes. (Your company might have a designated organization that it supports, but your employees might have little or no passion for that charity.)

Let prospective employees know what you do, and especially use your company social media accounts to “tell the story” of volunteer and community support activity.

Make sure your website is up to date in other respects, too. Is the site’s “Latest News” really old? Is the footer copyright a year or more in the past? Is the site mobile friendly? (Odds are, a young person is looking at your site via a smartphone.) Does the site’s content and design make your company look like an industry leader and forward-thinking organization? Or does it make your company look like it’s in the past.

You can learn a lot about how job seekers are looking at the site via Google Analytics. If the pages they’re viewing aren’t telling your company story in the most powerful manner, you’re missing opportunity.

Give us a call if your online presence doesn’t position your company as an attractive employer. We’ll work with you or your HR team to give you an advantage in attracting the employees you need.