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Is Your Website Hurting Your Hiring Abilities?

Kohl’s is looking to hire 5,000 people. The Milwaukee Brewers need 3,000 people as American Family Field opens to full capacity. Another 2,000 seasonal workers will be needed for Summerfest. And wherever you look, you see “Help Wanted” signs.

now hiringResults of the summer Wisconsin Employer Survey conducted by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce found that 86 percent of businesses in the state are having trouble hiring.

Amid all the competition for workers, it’s more important than ever for companies to look their best — including the look of their online presence.

People looking for jobs inevitably look at a company’s website, social media activity, and other online sources to help them make a decision about applying for a specific position.

They want to see whether the prospective employer’s values align with theirs, what the company culture is like, where the company stands among its peers in its market sector and in its local community, opportunities for growth and career development, and more. And that’s all beyond the basic benefits and job descriptions.

Empower Your Website to Make Your Company Shine

How well does your company website make your business look?

The website should have a careers section that positions your company as a great place to work. It also should portray your company in its current status – not where the company was years ago when the website was developed.

The Milwaukee Brewers organization does a great job on its website’s careers section. The section lays out, “Who We Are,” “Our History,” “Our Values,” “Our Home,” “Diversity, Equality and Inclusion,” “Community Relations,” “Our Culture” and “Benefits.” (See the Brewers Careers section.)

Be Active on Social Media; Share Your Stories and Expertise

How well branded are your company’s social media accounts, and how active are they?

We often see company pages on LinkedIn and other social media platforms that fail to take full advantage of branding opportunities and promotion of the company – both as a source of goods and services but also as a place to work. Or, the accounts are pretty much inactive, with no recent posts. (You’re almost better off getting rid of a social media platform than letting it sit idle for months and months.) There must be something happening in your company or industry that’s worthy of posting – posts that tell your company story, that position your company as an industry leader, and that make it look like a place people want to work for.

Platforms like Facebook are best for promoting your culture and values, while posts on platforms like LinkedIn should be more business-to-business in nature.

You Are Being Judged by Prospective Employees

Your online presence certainly isn’t the only thing prospective employees are using to determine if they want to work for your company, but it is a factor. You are being judged by what they see. In this highly competitive environment for talent, a strong careers section on your website, and a well branded and active social media presence can give you an edge.

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