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Google Supporting Image Licensing

People often use pictures found on a Google images search, but sometimes, use of those photos is a violation of copyright law or another restriction.

Google is now making it easier to legally use those images by highlighting license information when the pictures show up in search results.

According to Google: “Images that include licensing information will be labeled with a ‘Licensable’ badge on the results page. When a user opens the image viewer (the window that appears when they select an image), we will show a link to the license details and/or terms page provided by the content owner or licensor. If available, we’ll also show an additional link that directs users to a page from the content owner or licensor where the user can acquire the image.”

It’s good news for people for people and organizations who own or have the rights to that intellectual property. If you’re grabbing images from the web, make sure you can legally use them.

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