Better Content Will Drive Results from Your Website

If your business website isn’t delivering the results you expect, you might not necessarily need a new website. Sometimes, your website just needs better content.

website contentContent really is the only reason people go to a website. That “content” can be as simple as a telephone number or as involved as a product manual. For most people, the heart of the content is information to help people solve a problem, or information that strongly positions a company as the preferred source of a solution – be that a product or a service.

Take a look at your website and see how it satisfies these 10 aspects of powerful website content:

  1. How does the content on your website satisfy the wants of your customers, prospects, business partners, prospective employees, employees, and the media?
  2. Is the content current?  Or is it the same as when the website was developed years ago – even though your business or your business sector has changed over the years?
  3. Is your site’s “latest news” really the latest news, or something added years ago?
  4. Is the content written for the quick way people read websites?
  5. Where appropriate, does the content drive people further along the buying process?
  6. Does the grammar reflect the professionalism and expertise you want to project, or is it poorly written?
  7. Is the content written and positioned for search engine optimization?
  8. Are images meaningful, and properly cropped and sized for fast loading?
  9. Can Google and Bing read your content’? We still regularly encounter website wording that is added as an image and not as words via a content editor. To top it off, those images usually lack ‘alt’ tags that tell search engines what the images are about.
  10. Does anyone read your existing content? You might be surprised. Find out how many times people are looking at each of your website pages by visiting your Google Analytics or Bing Webmaster Tools accounts. You’ll probably find pages that have little or no traffic – something Google does not like. If you think it’s good content, do more inbound marketing to drive people to the low-volume pages. If the content is weak, rewrite it, or eliminate the page.

There are a lot of good reasons to develop a new website if your current site isn’t working the way it should. That’s especially true if your site still is not responsive  – built to be optimally viewed on desktop computers, tablets and smartphone. But sometimes a site just needs better content or fresher content.

Need help assessing your current content or developing new content? Let’s talk, and get your business positioned where it should be through strong, effective content. Contact me at or at 414-617-6597.