B-B Purchases Often Start with a Web Search

Does Your Website and Online Presence Have What It Takes to Be Found?

Research continually shows the extremely high percentage of B-B purchase decisions that are predicated by web searches. That’s why a strong online presence is essential for companies that sell to other businesses.

milwaukee seo agencyBack in 2014, an Acuity Group study found that more than 90 percent of B-B buyers conducted some form of web search in the buying process. A recent MovableInk study found that 56 percent of B-B buyers “frequently use smartphones to access vendors’ content.”

Google reported in 2015 that 89 percent of B-B purchase researchers were using the internet as an integral part of the process.

It’s 2017, and those numbers are just as solid. What’s changed now is the number of younger workers ‘ millennials ‘raised on the internet’ ‘ who are involved in B-B purchasing research.

Those purchase researchers are conducting up to 12 searches, according to Google, and many of those searches are via mobile devices ‘ even when the searches are conducted in the office.

So if you sell in the B-B realm, you should have:

  • a strong internet presence that includes you website and elsewhere online
  • strong search engine optimization so your web pages are ranking on Page 1 of search results
  • a website that is mobile friendly, so users can easily navigate your site via smartphones.

If your online presence isn’t up to the task, contact us for solutions that will get your company found by people looking for what you sell.